Monting Energetika
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Product of structural steels

MONTING ENERGETIKA has the ability to design and produce a wide range of industrials Products. Long-term relationships with many Customers confirm our readiness to produce competitive products in quality, delivery and process. User of our products are various industrial sectors ( power plants, hydroelectric power, metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, construction, etc)

    Our productions program includes:

  • Spar parts for coal preparation plant in thermal power plants;
  • Channels for different purposes in power plants ( pulverized coal transportchannels fresh air, flue gas,... etc)
  • Pipelines for shipping slag and ash;
  • Chimneys for the boiler rooms;
  • Diffuser valves in power plants;
  • Metallurgical pots;
  • Production and assembly of steel structures for the construction of various facilities, including corrosion protection;
  • Production, Corrosion protection and installation of steel pipe welded and flashed performance;
  • Containers and tanks for various purposes;
  • Parts of mining equipment;
  • Special Purpose Equipment by user requirements;