Our Projects

Monting energetika deals with the production and assembly of process equipment, metal structures and spare parts for various industrial facilities

Main projects

Below you can see just some of the biggest projects that Monting energetika Ltd. Trebinje has carried out in the past few years


At the “Police” stadium in Trebinje, we carried out work on the installation of pillars, the production of steel structures and the installation of reflectors.

Bearing steel frames

Production of supporting steel frames for construction machines of renowned European manufacturers Bulmor, Lindner, etc.

Highway Bar – Boljare

We performed works on the toll stations, the Pelev brijeg maintenance base, panels and protective walls located on the Bar - Boljare highway.

Bemax Arena

Reconstruction of the small hall of the "Morača" Sports Center in the Bemax Arena, a multifunctional facility with the most modern supporting facilities

Smokovac Bridge

The Smokovac bridge, whose length is 150 meters per bridge, is the largest facility on the interchange of the same name, which is located on the Bar - Boljare highway.

Bridge over Morača

In addition to the transfer of hydrotechnical installations from the right to the left bank of the river, the bridge also serves as a pedestrian zone, has two bicycle paths and is suitable for people with disabilities.
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