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We are proud of our team of experienced professionals whose knowledge and expertise are available to our valued clients at any time and in any place.

From idea to realization...

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Step: Planning and designing

Our project office has several experienced engineers who are qualified experts, well versed in multiple CAD/CAM industry standard software programs. Our production process begins with a team of Monting energetika engineers who are dedicated to planning and design, with the aim of creating the best solutions for our clients.

Step: Preparation and cutting of steel

The preparation of steel for the assembly of welded joints includes: degreasing the material by shot blasting, cutting, rolling, bending and drilling. The preparation process is carried out on the most modern machines. Laser, plasma and flame cutting on modern machines is carried out by our team of experts. With laser cutting, we cut sheet metal up to 20 mm, with a plasma cutter we are able to cut sheet metal up to 30 mm thick in plasma quality. Using a flame cutter, we cut sheet metal pieces up to 200 mm thick.

Step: Mechanical works and welding

Mechanical works are performed by experienced VKV locksmiths, and the welding process is performed by expert and certified welders according to the EN-ISO 3834-2 standard. The most modern equipment from renowned manufacturers Fronius and Lincoln is used in the welding process. Monting energetika strives to constantly apply innovations in its process. Also, we constantly invest in the acquisition of the most modern machines.

Step: Inspection, quality control and protection

The specialized weld inspection team is trained in NDT inspection, visual inspection, penetration inspection and magnet inspection. We perform other inspections in cooperation with welding institutes. Quality control is carried out by experienced and trained controllers who monitor the entire production using the most modern and regularly calibrated equipment. We carry out coating and painting in our modern paint shop. Our experts carry out this process according to the highest standards.

Step: Transport and assembly at the customer's location

Thanks to various transport possibilities, we can transport our products anywhere in the world. We have our own machinery, which includes: Auto crane FAUN 40-3RTF (400 kN), Forklifts with a capacity of 1.5-12.5t, winches for lifting loads with rollers (2-5t), GIS-electric chain hoists, tirfor cranes up to 3 ,2t, compressor station, mobile compressor, trucks, vans and passenger vehicles. If necessary, we hire special truck transport.


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