Monting energetika won an award for the development of Trebinje

As part of the city festivities, the city administration of Trebinje awarded awards to the most successful Trebinje businessmen.

Seven company received awards: in the category of small companies for special contribution to the development of the economy of Trebinje – “Loteks” d.oo., medium-sized companies – “Monting energetika”, large companies – “Hercegovina putevi”, prominent roles of women in the economy of Trebinje – Dragana Pantović, director of the company “Dineko”, recognition for contribution to the development of tourism – RDT “SL Grad Sunca”, corporate social responsibility – “Hydroelectric power plants on Trebišnjica, 70 years of tradition and contribution to the development of Trebinje, “SL Industrija alata”.

The head of the Department for Tourism, Economy and Entrepreneurship, Bojan Vučurević, said that this is the first time that the city administration has awarded such awards, and after a public call for the best in the economy in 2021.

“This year, recognitions were awarded, and already next year, it is planned to make flagpoles with the flags of the best business entities of our city, which will be placed in frequent places in Trebinje.” Every year, we plan different types of recognition, we will monitor the contributions of companies to economic development, so we will thank them through different types of subsidies,” he said.

The award was presented by the mayor of Trebinje, Mr. Mirko Ćurić, to Bojan Bošnjak, director of Monting energetik, on behalf of the city of Trebinje.


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